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We need your help. Contrary to popular belief, dentists and hygienists hold no monopoly on improving oral health. No matter your discipline, no matter your profession, you have a role. View our video to the to understand the thinking behind our site. Enter your contact information below if you would like to receive our newsletter. Explore our oral health Possibility Profiles to hear the story behind the resume of people who work to improve oral health for all in their own unique way.


Explore The Possibilities in Oral Health

We offer three types of profiles to help you to understand the problems and challenges we face in oral health through the stories of people who spend their lives solving them.

Professional Pathways Profiles

The Professional Pathways profiles on Oral-Health.org feature established individuals across professions and disciplines. After exploring a number of these profiles, you can discover the passion people have their work, the serendipity in their paths, and their advice for students who are interested in doing similar work..

Experience Exchange Profiles

The Experience Exchange profiles on feature the ways in which people gain early real-world experience. These profiles showcase people who have found solid internships, research positions, jobs, volunteer positions, as well as people who have launched their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Academics & Research Profiles

The Academics & Research profiles specifically features individuals who push the field forward through teaching, science, and and advocacy. Most academic advisers are unaware of these career pathways, so we invite you to explore these rewarding careers, that offer a wide range of problems and challenges you might address.

How to Utilize Possibility Profiles

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We introduce possibilities through story. Click on the person’s thumbnail image to view their full profile. Most profiles contain an audio story that introduces the individual and the problem or challenge they address. To listen to the person’s audio story, click the link that says, “Listen to the Audio Story”. Each profile contains an interview transcript where you can learn in depth about their work and their life. Click on the individual questions to view their answer our interview questions. Some profiles contain a Possibility Podcast located below transcript accordion. Click play to listen to the tracks. Explore as many profiles as possible to discover possibilities you may never have imagined.


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